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Many items are brand new, still in the original box or packaging.  Practice sustainable purchasing...don't buy new.  Let's keep these items out of landfill.

Where did all this stuff come from?  Click here to find out.  Make me a reasonable offer on anything you want, or propose a swap.   You can look at my wish list for swap ideas.  

We are in Scarborough.  If you're one of those people who like to meet up at subway stations, Warden is my choice.
You can request delivery if you're nearby, or you can request a hold for any item, but only after you've made an email transfer payment to debgilx(at) 

Toys and Games Collectibles: plates, decorative knick-knacks, stamps, vintage pocket watches, knitted dolls
Boat stuff Tools
Exercise Equipment Camping, cottage and sports gear Furniture and wall art Pet Stuff
Garden stuff Household items

Musical Items (separate page)
Books, LP's, and wall art (paintings, etc) Fabric Items and Clothing 300 CDs and DVDs
Coming soon: Pottery items made by Deborah; international electrical plugs, adaptors and connectors; spreadsheet of books

Boat stuff

Items coming eventually:  radio antenna tester, anchors, chains, shore power cords, paddles, extra sail bags...and much more.

I have two of these stainless steel double racks for up to 9" diameter fenders - the opening is 9 1/2".  They retail for almost $200 each in Canada, believe it or not.  That's what happens when you buy anything "marine". 
One of mine is slightly out of round on one side but the steel bands are easy to bend. 
I'll happily swap them for something else boat related or music related. 
I'm thinking their trade value is about $50 each.

     This is an Alcott Mariner life vest for a large dog (they come in small, medium, large and extra large), brand new, still in the packaging which includes a black mesh bag for easy storage and transport.  It has reflective accents to pick up your flashlight if the dog falls in the water at night.  There's a chin flotation platform to help the dog keep its head out of the water, and a handle for you to lift it back into the boat.

     "Large" is 14" in length, 22" to 26" in chest diametre, with a 24" to 32" waist.  They cost $36 CAD on ($43 CAD directly from Alcott).  As usual, I'm looking for a swap of similar value or a cash offer of at least half the retail value.

     This galvanized cast iron pivoting fluke anchor weighs about a hundred pounds (if you're interested I can weigh it and be specific) and could be bow mounted on a pretty large cruiser, placed for a mooring line, or used for a marine restaurant decor.  They cost hundreds of dollars from a marine chandler.  Name your swap.

     I won this Bonica Precision watch at a C&C Regatta in 2003 and never wore it.  I don't wear watches.  This one is still brand new in its case and the cheapest Bonica Precision wristwatch on their website is $156 U.S., so if you own a C&C sailboat (or want to gift it to someone who does) you might consider offering me $75 CAD for it.  Or whatever you think fair value is.  Or offer me some rope clutch/spin lock cleats for my sailboat.  That's something I could actually use.

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Camping gear

          Going camping?  This Swiss Army knife, the Fieldmaster model, was a corporate promotion, commissioned for the Granduc Copper Project.  It was made by Victorinox, as you can see in the Amazon link, where it sells for $66.  "16 stainless steel tools including blades, a can opener, bottle opener, wood saw, scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, key ring and many more"..."ideal multitool for outdoor recreation and everyday use".

Here's your chance to get the real deal brand new for less than half price. I'll price this one at $30.

     This Tour Select 835 golf cart will carry anything long and heavy - this one has my piano keyboard inside a golf bag which is normally used to take your favourite clubs with you on the airline as checked baggage.  You secure your load with velcro straps, and it has large wheels for stability. It folds down to a small, lightweight, easy to carry package with an aluminum frame.  I've seen them advertised used for $25, $45 and $49, so I'll price mine at $35 and call that "ballpark". 

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   Sports and Exercise Equipment

     This high quality yoga mat sells for $25 in major retail stores.  Never used.  $10.

     Velcro grip elbow support for racquet sports.  I use these for tennis religiously now, but I have several in my tennis bag already.  This one is still brand new in the package, yours for $10, and I can deliver to the tennis or Birchmount pickle ball courts if you like.

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Pet Stuff

   Saddle bags for your pooch - they eat your food, let them help carry it home...zippered compartments with overhangs to keep the rain out; plastic clip snaps, one in front of the chest and two beneath it.  New, never used, retail value around $24. Yours for only $12, or offer me something on my wish list. 
Bring your dog to see if it fits, if you like.  We like dogs.

    Sturdy red web collars and leash for a medium to large dog, unused - no wear, no dirt or dog hair.  Going by Amazon and Petsmart prices, my lowball prices are $10 each for the collars and $15 for the leash. 

     This is a brand new Alcott Mariner life vest for a large dog (they come in small, medium, large and extra large), still in the packaging which includes a black mesh bag for easy storage and transport.  It has reflective accents to pick up your flashlight if the dog falls in the water at night.  There's a chin flotation platform to help the dog keep its head out of the water, and a handle for you to lift it back into the boat.

     "Large" is 14" in length, 22" to 26" in chest diametre, with a 24" to 32" waist.  They cost $36 CAD on ($43 CAD directly from Alcott).  For you, only $20 at my front door.
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       One of these Black and Decker skill saws is available for sale or swap.  You can decide which.  They both work fine, and they're worth about $40 to $50 used on eBay, but I only need one.

     A Black and Decker two speed jig saw.  These seem to range from $20 to $35 on  I'd take $20 for mine.

     This large, heavy-duty 7"- 9" angle grinder comes with three bonus grinder/cutter blades, blade changing tool and a safety guard  These cost well over $200 apiece, new off the shelf, and seem to hold their value - they're around $100 pre-owned on eBay. 

    This Makita reciprocating saw, a.k.a. "sawzall", is powerful and saves a lot of time and arm muscle.  New at Home Depot they range from $90 to $170, and the cheapest pre-owned ones that I see on Kijiji are around $30, and I'll sell mine for only $20.  Mine works well, we've used it on boards, branches, 55 gallon plastic drums turned into water barrels, that sort of thing.

     On the left, a two million candlepower Spotlight/Lantern.  It sports a halogen bulb as well as 5 LED's, can be used in low and high beam mode, lantern mode and emergency highway mode, and it has a fifteen hour battery life.  Pre-owned but in great shape, still in the box.  Cost $45 new at Canadian Tire.  Half price for you.

     On the right, a 9" polisher/buffer, used two or three times and stored back in the box.  On Ebay these go for $20 used, plus "
+ $34.44 Addl. Costs", apparently - shipping and handling, I assume.  You don't pay "additional costs" when you buy at my front door.  Just the $20.


    6" heavy duty rubber castors.  Google Shopping shows prices on these are around $100 for a set of four.  I found this set listed "pre-owned" on eBay for $73.  Therefore I'll price mine at $60.


    This Karcher pressure washer retails at $198 in Canada, at Walmart.  However, the two front castors tend to slip off, so it is basically best as a stationary unit.  But it isn't heavy and it has a good handle on top, so it is easy to carry it to where you want to use it, and it has long power and water hoses.  It is barely used. I can hook it up and show you how well it works.  You can use it for car washing, patio furniture, cleaning your boat or anything outdoors.  $90

     I have an abundance of hand tools: hammers, saws of all kinds, garden tools, all sorts of stuff.  What's a hammer or a saw worth?  As per craigslist or kijiji, maybe $5, or a swap for something of equivalent value. 

     This Makita plunge router is a great tool for a serious woodworker.  They cost about $780 brand new with the full kit of accessories.  For just what you see in the photo I'd expect about $125, based on what they sell for on Kijiji and

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Toys and Games:

     Skate safely!  I have two sets of men's knee and wrist protectors, brand new in black mesh bags.  One is Firefly Proline, the other is CCM.   They each sell new for $22, yours for $11.



     Only $50.  This fully telescoping steel field easel for painting or display retails at $103.90, plus tax.  Deb's aunt was a painter until she died in her nineties just a few years ago.  The batik and the painting just behind this easel are her work. 

My price is only $20 at my front door.
You can be a re-seller if you want to.

     The Trivial Pursuit Genus II - Canadian Version - is a Subsidiary Card Set for the Master Game.  There are 2 cards sets in boxes, 1000 additional cards, 6000 questions in six categories: Geography, Arts & Literature, History, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, and Entertainment.  It is a "collectible" from 1984, used maybe twice.  You can see that there's no wear on the box - the other "collectibles" I've seen for sale online all have wear on the box.

     It sells for up to $45 online; there are cheaper ones, but they all play strange games with shipping costs in order to end up with more cash in the seller's pocker - after all, if you see a game for $2, why would anyone waste their time photographing it, advertising it and preparing it for shipping?  They do it because they'll charge $30 for "shipping", "additional costs", "handling", etc. 

       Scrabble!   A Milton Bradley Scrabble game, in a very special style - the plastic board is a permanently opened tray with ridges to keep the tiles from slipping out of place.  This is a very smart feature, allowing you to pick your game up and move it, so that you can interrupt your game and resume it later.  You can also put your board on top of a "lazy susan" rotating tray, or bump the board, with no unhappy consequences.

     Stored in a clear bag instead of a box.  Checked for completeness - the set contains the correct number of each letter.  Includes four classy wooden tile trays, and a page of rules.  Scrabble dictionaries are available online, and for download.

A new basic Scrabble game, the cheap folding cardboard version with plastic tile trays costs $20 on sale right now, on Amazon - plus tax and shipping charge.  I'm pricing mine at $15 cash at my front door.

     Any Twilight fans out there?  Here's a unique game of Twilight Trivia called "Scene It?"  It is a board game to play with friends, but uses an included DVD with "heart-stopping movie clips!"  There are additional puzzles, mini-games and bonus activities. It sells for about $28 on eBay.  Still factory sealed, brand new in the box, in gifting condition, with no missing pieces.  Asking $15 at my front door.

    These Guitar Hero live controller guitars are still in their boxes but have no software or dongle so whoever buys them will need to have the system already.  Playstation, I think, but I've never played the game so what do I know?  They seem to sell used on eBay or Kijiji for north of $20, just for the guitar itself, but $5 each would be fine with me.  Even without the controller, a kid could happily sing and pretend to play guitar...

    When children can sit up, they can drum.  And soon march around drumming.  With two AA batteries, the lights flash, and the mylar head is satisfyingly resonant.  I also have a "First Act" 8" 3 ply tom with intact head - one of these is offered on eBay for $25 U.S. right now.  I'd trade either or both of them for a small cymbal that I can attach to my washboard, or a bicycle bell.

     Xtreme Gaming VR headset, originally sold at The Source.  You slip your smart phone inside the hinged front door, and view photos and videos in various apps that you download to your phone.  You see a double stereo image, and you adjust the lenses to suit your eyes.  The online content selection is huge - beats the old View Master I had as a kid.  You can travel to distant countries, participate in online gaming, and more. 

      Mine is still in original packaging with bubble wrap and users guide, and stickers on the lenses which prove that it has never been used.
There are dozens of makers of these headsets online, and they're all basically the same, although many are priced much higher.  The cheapest models online are about $27 plus tax and shipping costs.  I'll undercut everybody and sell this one still brand new in the box for just $15.

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Collector Plates and other collectibles (toys and more)

Click here to view a spreadsheet of mint condition, still-in-the-box collector's plates - mostly Norman Rockwell and Eve Licea.  You'll see the original issue price, the current secondary market quote, and a photo link to each plate.   Make an offer on any plate that you like - you won't hurt my feelings by suggesting what it might be worth to you.

If you are a stamp collector, here is a spreadsheet of uncirculated Canadian stamps, prints and coins that Deborah has been building out.  She still needs to add a lot of her "first day covers", she says.

      To display your plates, we have six of these handsome wood tone plate frame/hangers. They have the look and feel of natural hardwood, and they are stained by hand to a rich, dark walnut colour. The quality frame features a unique locking inner ring that secures the plate to the frame. No assembly is required.      
     Once you rotate the ring to the locked position, plate and frame become a single, solid unit. And because it is so lightweight, you can safely hang it on any wall. There is also an attached hanger - frame is ready to mount. The large back opening allows viewing of backstamp without removing the plate. They fit any Bradford Exchange plate, and many others as well (8 1/2 inch plate size - the most popular size). 
     They each cost $15.00, twenty-five years ago, and they're still brand new in the box, never used. Cash value $10.00 each, or a winning swap proposal.

   This is a collectible padlock, a Junkunc Bros American, from Chicago, circa 1926.  It is crowbar-proof, hardened steel, extremely strong and durable, with the original key.  As you can see to the right, collectors are willing to pay solid cash for these - $40 U.S. plus $17.77 U.S. for shipping - although frankly, a modern manufactured padlock with the same strength and attributes wouldn't cost any less.
     Buy it as a collectible, or use it to secure a valuable trailer or a boat on a trailer, as a hitch lock.  They're incredibly durable, and do seem to last forever.

     This man's pocket watch is an antique Cronometro Verdad 1a.  It runs, but stalls - needs cleaning.  The one shown below fetched $114 U.S. at auction, which is $152.50 CAD, and probably needed the same servicing. Offer me something reasonably close to that price.

The pendant ladies pocket watch on a chain below is an 1897 American Waltham collectible. 
It is running, and has gold and silver in its case.
Here's a valuation hint: a local auction house told me I'd get between $50 and $150 for it at a live auction. 
Make me an offer. 

     These hand-crafted Jean Greenhowe knitted dolls are collectibles that took a lot of time and materials to complete.  They sell to collectors for $50 to $80 apiece, and sometimes more; often you can't buy the doll, but only the book of instructions to make one.  Here are four: Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and the Quebec Habitant couple.  We're unloading them for $25 a pair. 

     Encourage your child to save in this awesome piggy bank! 
  Here's a trip down memory lane for someone - a collectible from 1999:

  • Buzz Lightyear Universe Protection Unit (talking and action bank).
  • Says; "I am Buzz Lightyear. I protect the galaxy from the threat of invasion. I come in peace!"
  • and "This is an intergalactic emergency. Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!".
  • 2 Movement functions; saluting arm action and rotates at waist. Green trim glows in the dark.
  • Made by Thinkway Toys in 1999 and long out of production.
   Brand new still in the box they're worth $35 CAD to toy collectors; like this (no box but clean and functioning) they're worth about $20. 

     Another heavy duty collectible.  Do you know any collectors who are into Warhammer miniatures?  I have this identical item, still brand new in blister package.  Posting it here first, but I might put it on eBay shortly.  It'll be yours for only $40 in Canadian dollars at my front door, with no shipping charges - that's less than half price.  You can be a reseller, if you wish, or hold onto it while its collectible value continues to grow.

Warhammer Miniature Collectibles!

Here's a great opportunity for someone who collects and trades Warhammer Miniatures: a Citadel hard case with three layers of foam trays for your figures.  Comes with about forty miniatures, some resin and some metal ones, some very well-painted and some unpainted, some OOP, and a bag of parts.  The hard case sells on eBay for $35 and the figures sell for anywhere from $2 to $23 each, sometimes more, so there is serious value in this collection.  I can send you six more photos.  I'll sell the case and all the miniatures inside for only $70.  If you identify them and sell or trade them individually, you'll realize a tremendous increase in value.

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Furniture and wall art

     Here's a perfect gift for a retired railroader or someone who just loves trains to death. 

     It is a genuine CNR oil lamp accompanied by a superb framed copper plate of a locomotive.  The copper art sells in a range between $60 and $80 on Ebay, sometimes more; the lamp has a ballpark value of $150 on a number of websites specific to collectors of railroad nostalgia items.

     Included in the package is this Railroader's pocket watch:

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 Garden Stuff

This is an 18" American pushmower, the same as the Yardworks model that retails for $180 at Canadian Tire (don't confuse it with the 14" ones). 
$90 or best offer.

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Household items

      Here's the safest 2 1/2 gallon aquarium, terrarium or turtle bowl you can buy.  It is very solid tempered glass with a lid so that a lizard can't climb over the walls.  It has handles so that you can carry it around full and wet, and not drop it.  It has rubber feet.  Inside, I've included a box of seashells from Prince Edward Island, and some "glitter gravel". 
     If you've guessed that this is actually a re-purposed countertop convection oven, you'd be correct.  But it is still the best and safest turtle bowl you'll ever find, because of the handles. 

And only $20, including the gravel and shells.

All glass 28 gallon hexagonal aquarium, new about $300 plus tax at Petsmart, with a glass lid, yours for only $100 or a swap of similar value.  Reasonable offers considered, but speak to me in numbers - don't be like the guy who asked me twice if I'm "negotiable", but didn't make an actual offer! 
Fill-tested right to the brim, as you see in the photos - no leaks.  Set up a soothing aquatic environment indoors to cheer up your winter.  Or build an aquaponics set-up with clay pellets - this one is the perfect size and shape, with no "dead spots" for water circulation.  It can accommodate several large fish and provide you with fresh greens through the winter.


     I have a lot of paint in cans, mostly half-gallon or more in a can, mostly base white or fairly light and neutral colours.  Why buy a whole can for small jobs? 

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     This Trendnet wireless adapter card turned my older laptop, which didn't have an internal wifi adaptor, into an internet enabled device.  They're cheap, only $10 on Amazon.  $5, or swap for?

    I also have three usb wifi adapters for $5 each, pick your favourite brand: Belkin, Netgear or Comstar, all in original packaging with installation discs.  You can find them on eBay for between $6 and $10 plus shipping charges, so my price is cheapest.

     This clever wooden desktop amplifier doubles as a smartphone holder to view video or listen to songs at work.  The sound chambers of resonant wood do a nice job of giving focused sound that won't bother people who aren't sitting directly in front of it, but will give you the volume you need to hear clearly.  These start at about $13 CAD on Amazon, but you get to save tax and delivery if you swap something of equivalent value for mine.  Cash sale, $10.

     The Phonak Watch Pilot 2 is an elegant, expensive state of the art timepiece that doubles as a remote control for your hearing aids.  You won't leave it behind when you go out because it is conveniently on your wrist.  Unlike the Compilot, you don't have to remember each day to put it in your pocket or hang it from your neck.  It shows you the time and date but also has FM capability.  This one was not used for very long.  It's pre-owned value is about $100, but I recommend that you confirm with your audiologist that it can be programmed to your own hearing aids.

     Are you a reporter or interviewer?  Or spy?  Quite useful for school or university lectures, actually.  The Olympus Note Corder DP10 is a high-end recorder for meetings and interviews.  It records for 72 hours and has one gig of memory.  It used to sell for $150 U.S. on; currently sold out on eBay but seems to list there for $35 U.S. used, so about $50 CAD.

     The D-Link 1320 wifi range extender is a plug and play solution to routers that just won't reach the furthest corners of your house.  $40 on Amazon, so my price is $20, still in the original box.  There's a set-up wizard and lots of online support from the D-Link website, reviews, etc.

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Fabric Items and clothing

     Two great articles of clothing in "like new" condition.  The coat on the left is a belted black leather jacket made by Emporio & Co in Italy, size L.  It isn't the Emporio Armani, which costs three times as much, and that has been an issue because these coats have been sold to unwitting tourists as an Armani designer label coat.  But it is a well-made, fashionable jacket, worth about $200 new (similar Armani ones are about $500 or more).  Yours for $100, and who'll know the difference?

     The leather sleeveless black biker style Dimitri Couture vest on the right is worth about $40, also size L

Brand new Ladies Wetskin pants, grey, size L, 31" inseam, easy on and off because of zipper and velcro at the ankles.  $15

Where all this stuff came from:
Some of these things belonged to relatives like my 96 year father--in-law, some to my brother-in-law who left everything behind and moved to Singapore years ago.
It is the result of decades of stuff coming into our house with no time or good idea about how to get rid of it. Now that we're retired, it has to go.
Some items are the result of a hobby/bad habit of cruising garage sales and thrift stores - too much free time on our hands in retirement.
Some items, particularly music items, belong to friends who've discovered my online selling project.
  Prices mentioned are known retail values, or secondary market value as collectibles or used items.  I do my research, but I'm always open to offers.
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