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Email me, sgilx@yahoo.com, or send me a FB message.  All offers considered.
This link will take you to a spreadsheet of CD's and DVD's, sorted by artist and title. 
I'm liquidating my 96 year old father-in-law's collection, at his request, plus those of a friend who moved and couldn't take them to his new home...and a few of our own that have accumulated over the years.  Proceeds are going to charities, you can ask for our list of charities if you wish.
Prices are as discovered on Amazon, eBay and online sites that record the "last sold at" auction prices for rare and collectible CD's. 
You get "used" pricing, you pay no taxes, and you save shipping costs if you live nearby.
Books - spreadsheet coming soon
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 CD/DVD case on the left, 24 capacity, $16 on Amazon.ca, yours for $8 

Laserline Flip Disc hard case on the right, 12 capacity, accordion style, rigid protection outside and for each cd/dvd inside, $25 U.S. on eBay.com, yours for $15 CAD

some featured DVD's:

Planet Earth BBC 5 dvd box set, complete, very good condition.  Generally sells on Amazon.ca for $25, listed here (previously viewed) on eBay for $16 plus $20 shipping - yours for $16 at my front door, you save the shipping charge

     Brand new, never opened, still in shrink wrap, Don Cherry's Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Volume 18 has 90 minutes of the greatest hockey action - perfect to fill the commercials during a game or to play during the party build-up on Cup Night.   $19.98 at Amazon, or $10 cash at my front door.

     Turner Classic Movies, the Murder Mystery set: two dvds with four movies, in original case and cardboard sleeve, like-new condition.  New ones are listed for crazy prices on Amazon.  Even used ones have collector's pricing.  You can buy mine for $15 at my front door.
  • The Postman always Rings Twice
  • The Big Sleep
  • Dial M for Murder, and
  • The Maltese Falcon

     These dvds are priced individually, below Amazon and eBay, and without their ridiculous shipping charges.

  • Road to Perdition, Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and Jude Law, brand new still in shrink wrap, yours for $7
  • Life is Beautiful, the 1999 classic that won three academy awards, the collector series, widescreen version, still in original packaging, $9
  • Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer, pre-viewed but in fine condition in original packaging, the 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition, $10
  • The West Wing, complete second season 4 dvd set with additional materials, in original packaging in like new condition but without shrink wrap.  Prices on Amazon.ca range from $21.32 plus $23.36 for "brand new condition" to $51 to $165 for actual brand new ones.  Mine is "brand new condition", so I'll undercut Amazon and just ask for a $20 bill at my front door.


     3 CD sets in metal boxes with additional printed materials: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Film Favorites Music from the Movies, all in excellent condition, barely used.  I'll undercut eBay (not to mention their shipping cost!) by selling mine at the front door for $15.  The Film Favourites set is yours for $10. 

Fiction: see a book here you haven't read, by an author who's an old friend?

Paintings and Prints

     These are two limited edition high quality lithograph original framed prints by Tom Thompson, 52/895 and 53/895.  They are art investments with appreciating value.  Each has its wax seal of authentication. 

     The one on the left is called "Northern River"; the one on the right is "The Pool".   They are priced at current market value, but I will consider offers.

The Pool is listed on Etsy for $250.  I've seen Northern River for $160 somewhere.

Items with Antique or Collectible value

      This is an original first edition of Anne of Green Gables, third impression.  These sell between collectors at auctions and through rare book dealers for up to $25,000.  This particular impression (third printing of the first edition) is worth about $2,500. 

      Debrett's Illustrated Guide to the Canadian Establishment.  Is this a book you're "still meaning to read"?  It is a beautifully illustrated and illuminating experience for a Canadian, and anyone interested in Canada from an historical, journalistic or trade perspective. Published in 1983 by Methuen as a handsome hardcover for $45 in 1983 dollars, it is offered by various rare book sellers (Biblio, or Abebooks - which is an Amazon company) across North America for prices ranging up to $90 U.S. plus shipping costs.  Mine is in "very fine" condition, with a dust jacket, "clean, tight fresh copy, etc - in other words, almost new condition.  I'm going to offer it for the cheapest price I've found anywhere else online: $15 CAD.

For a teacher:

     This was an extremely lucky and useful find.  It is a patient tray delivery cart on large castors that rolls easily around in a classroom, fits up against each desk in the aisles between rows of desks, and kids can still get by.  I painted it bright red and blue.  It has a ledge on each side onto which slide the cardboard trays that pop cans are sold in - a perfect fit - and there's a label to the left of each to insert the name of each of your students, or a subject/topic.  I used it for years, rolling it around the classroom between desks, but I have no further need of it. 

     Companies that make and sell these to hospitals charge about a thousand dollars for them - I kid you not; I've seen two thousand dollar carts...might as well buy a car.  But it really is an amazingly useful teacher tool.  I'd place a swap value of about a hundred dollars on it.
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