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Stuff I have
(photos available for anything you're interested in)
Sports and Fitness: memory foam fitness roller, yoga mat, tennis racquet and bag, scuba gear including computers and 1/4" wet suit, fins; brand new "fuel belt" for runners to carry their favourite electrolytes on a long jog;
More than 300 CD's, a few DVD's, some Playstation games
Tons of tools, some shown on a web page, I can send you a link
Musical instruments and musician's accessories - on a separate web page, I can send you a link - which includes a large selection of instructional books for various instruments, brand new with CD's; also Aebersold jazz practice books, fake books, etc; plastic dairy boxes for vinyl albums; Boss Rhythm machine; keyboards, guitars, vintage ukuleles; a tuneable pair of bongos from Cuba, a west African dun dun and an east African drum two feet high
Stuff for sailors and boaters: a huge anchor, life jacket for your onboard mutt, C&C wrist watch, fender racks, a brand new knot tying kit to give to your mate or child, a Carlisle aluminum paddle and a narrow blade carbon fibre dragon boat paddle (used for pool training or deep water canoeing), a pair of light wood Northumberland canoe paddles (brand new, 47"), a dozen "armchair sailor" books, a shore power cable, a radio antenna tester, extra sail bags, anchor chain...and a 27' Mirage sailboat
Jigsaw puzzles, most of them brand new and still factory sealed, a few previously constructed and carefully repackaged; and Scrabble games with ridges to keep the tiles in place (especially useful for camping and on sailboats)
Toys and games - a large selection that includes science learning games, some rare Lego kits for collectors, a rack for your baseball/softball balls, bats and gloves; World of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game; model
helicopter; 3D puzzles of London Bridge and the Colosseum
Pet stuff, all new and unused: collars, harnesses and leashes; a Martha Stewart pooper scooper with bags stored in the handle, a full size 28 gallon hexagonal glass aquarium, a selection of smaller aquariums, heaters and air pumps; a turtle bowl with aquarium gravel/shells/statues; saddle bags for your pooch to bring home his own treats from the pet store, a muzzle, rain and snow booties, a round comfy bed for a cat or small dog,
Garden stuff: rakes and tools, push mowers, large planter pots, a vintage glass bird feeder
Other random stuff: Swiss army knife, beautifully constructed cigar humidor, hand-made wooden chess board, an Olympus Note Corder, a Phonak Watch Pilot 2, leather jacket, biker style vest, and Wetskins pants for a lady; international electrical connectors for travelers
For collectors: a couple of boxes of Bradford plates, uncirculated Canadian stamps including first day covers and mint sheets,
collectible Jean Greenhowe knitted dolls, World of Warcraft figurines in a special case, and a collectible Buzz Lightyear action figure piggy bank,
CNR railroader's lantern, pocket watch and locomotive copper art; vintage pocket watches; various bottles of booze including sixty year old whisky
Stuff I want

  an old school keyboard bass, two octaves or so
a small cymbal to attach to a musical washboard
a cowbell for my dundun
hand percussion items: vibraslap, guiro, wood block, cabasa, stuff like that

old brass instruments for street band (trombone, sousaphone, flugelhorn, etc)
Alesis Recital keyboard, or similar: lightweight, with loud 20W speakers on board, and semi-weighted keys
vocal pitch correction, e.g. TC Helicon or something similar
battery powered keyboard amp - a Roland KC110 or Mobile-Cube, for example
harmonicas in less common keys like Bb or Eb, or penny whistles in any key but D unless it is a low D
broken instruments that I can use to repair other instruments - especially acoustic guitars, ukuleles and violins.  For example, right at this moment I need a banjo pot, if you happen to have a banjo with a broken neck.
packages of strings for violins, banjos, guitars and ukes
rope clutch/spin lock cleats for a sailboat
a heat gun
a vhs to dvd transfer machine (not the small usb device)

a hitch-mounted bike rack for my truck
  tickets for trips or resort stays, gasoline cards, grocery cards, sealed food items

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