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Books and Instructional Resources

I consider all offers, and I'm running a secret dutch auction on selected instruments - dropping the price by a few dollars each month until the item sells.
I can provide music lessons for any of these instruments, as well.

click here for my ISO wish list, for swap ideas                      300 CD's and DVD's, sorted by artist and title (some rare and collectible ones) 

Cheapest guitars - all sold...

Campfire/sailboat/road trip Guitars! - all sold

         Guitar Zero, "The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age", a New York Times Bestseller, or Guitar for Dummies, with a play-along audio CD inside, or Guitar Essentials, an instruction kit for guitar beginners which has CDs/DVDs to study at home - no need to pay for lessons at a music school.


More expensive guitars

       $349.  Here is a Yamaha FG 260 12 string jumbo dreadnought guitar in excellent shape, with a brand new set of Elixir strings.  Great for songs that were recorded with that distinctive 12 string sound.  Great for accompanying choral groups, playing outdoors, etc.  Study the prices on for this model of 12 string.  Mine is less expensive.  The FG 260 is renowned for how well the wood has aged and for the quality of the sound they produce now.  You can read about that on guitar forums on the internet.

(the above are U.S. Prices)

Vintage Collector's Banjoleles

    An appreciating investment, like good art.  
     This is a 1920's Schoenhut "Liberty Bell" Sopranino Banjo Ukulele with a pretty maple body.  Mine has an original wooden resonator back with two f holes, and two of the original rosewood pegs.  Rather than replace the pegs with non-traditional plastic and metal friction pegs, I got a buddy to turn a set of four new rosewood pegs on his lathe, so now I have a matched set of original pegs with two spares.  And I put an original wooden bridge on it instead of the plastic one you see in the photo.  This one was evaluated at $300 CAD (about $240 U.S.) 
[The comparable one I see offered online is on eBay, $169 U.S.=$224 CAD, but it doesn't have the original pegs, it has new Chinese metal and plastic friction pegs and a new banjo bridge replacement. And that eBay one is open-backed - no resonator.]

     This metal pot banjolele is a MISCo "banjo-ette" made in Elkhart, Indiana, circa 1927.  It has an f hole resonator on the back of the nickel plated pot.  Some of their pots have a copper finish, but they all have the "gumby" headstock, and "U-King" on the tailpiece, which is a cute pun. 
It has a painted lady dancer on the velum.  Many banjos had designs painted onto their velum heads in the 1920's - it was a "thing".  The guys at 12th Fret in Toronto evaluated this at $650 CAD (about $500 U.S.) but online prices may be lower than that, so I'm open to offers.

Other Instruments and musical items - amps, mics, stools, other stuff


    Korg GA30 guitar and bass tuner, trade value $7-$9 on plus $5 shipping, for a used one like this.  Takes two AA batteries, and has a speaker but also a silent input jack so that you can tune silently and surreptitiously on stage.

     This Seiko Quartz Guitar tuner allows, as you can see from the dial, for extremely precise tuning.  There's a mic input for acoustic instruments and voice, and you could even set your mic on your piano and tune it.  There's a patch chord input, and a headphone output so that you can tune without your audience hearing you.  They seem to be priced in a wide range on eBay from $20 on up, so $20 is a decent trade value for me.

Piano for Dummies, with audio CD, like new, only $10


Brand new keyboard stand, still in its box and plastic sleeves, could be wrapped as a Christmas present.  Retails for $28.99 on$20 cash for mine.


    For vocalists: this massager has three soft plastic feet.  You hold the top and press the feet into your neck as part of your vocal warm-up, and it loosens up your vocal chords muscles in your larynx.  They cost around $10 new; you can have this one for $5.  Also available for a mere $5:

     Here's a "Mother and child" pair of Yamaha recorders.  The large alto includes a case, diagram for which holes to cover to get your notes, some joint cream and a cleaner stick.  It's worth about $20 on Amazon.  The smaller soprano one is worth about $7.  Give me $15 for both of them together, and they're yours.

Need a damper/sustain pedal? 
I have two, still brand new in the boxes, still wrapped in plastic. 
Weirdly, the M-Audio is priced at $51.37 on, but only
$29 and tax at Long & McQuade, so $25 from me, brand new, still in the box .  Same weirdness with the Roland DP-10: listed for $70 and $80 on, but only $52 and tax at Long & McQuade, so only $40 from me.  Swaps and offers considered

     Brand new BOSS dual foot switch FS-6.  I have two of them, one still in the box.  These retail for $60 on Amazon or at Long & McQuade, so $40 seems like a good price from me.

     This is a brand new adjustable floating bridge for an arch-top guitar.  It cost me $13.73 from Amazon but I found another solution, so this one is available, still in the plastic bag it arrived in. $10.

        The Apex 870B microphone costs $46 at Long & McQuade.  The 850 is newer, retails for $40 and comes with its own protective case.  They'd each fetch $25 on eBay, and you'd have to pay shipping on top of that, so $25 seems like a fair price at my front door.

     The Sony to the right has a "unimatch" 1/4 inch jack and is worth $10. 

     The QuickLoc sustain pedal is worth $5.

     The Kratt Master Key "Chromatic Pitch Instrument" makes any vocalist begin his or her song on pitch.  Perfect for surreptitious key check on stage before the song begins - you don't have to holler to the keyboard player to "Give me my note!" in front of the waiting crowd.  Used by choir conductors, barbershop and a capella group leaders.  Priced at around $25 new, I'd be content with a swap value of $10, steam-cleaned and ready for your lips.

     A Sprite pitch pipe to tune your banjo means you never have to worry about a dead battery or electronics going south.  Good for 5 string or 4 string (you just ignore the high fifth string).  Easy to carry in your packet.  $10.
     I made a trade recently that included this Hohner Super Chromonica (chromatic harmonica) in C.  It is the venerable old shirt pocket standard that still holds up today, with the lovely tone of a pear wood comb.  They sell new for $250 (Canadian) on and pre-owned on e-Bay they go for $100.  Make me an offer.  Comes in its own sturdy hard case, as you can see in the panel below this one.

     To sweeten the deal, if you buy this instrument for $99 I'll include this "like new" Mel Bay Chromatic Harmonica Method book to the right, which cost $20.95 at the music store.  I'm all about trying to come up with really good swap deal ideas...

     Absolute Beginners Harmonica, a Hal Leonard publication, is brand spanking new, never used, with a new play along CD in a sleeve that features professional backing tracks.  $18.55 on sale now at Indigo, $20.17 at Sheet Music Plus, but my copy was $15.95 plus tax at Steve's Music.  Yours for a $10 bill at my front door.

    I have some duplicate harmonicas in my case available for swap.  I have three D's, a couple of A's, a couple of E's and a couple of G's.  I'd like to swap for a Bb and/or an Eb.  I also have a couple of cases for those old flip phones that we used to wear on our belts - they're the perfect size for holding two harmonicas while you're on stage.

     Melodica, as used by Jon Batiste on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show.  The perfect portable instrument for a keyboard player to bring to a campfire or a guitar circle.  Also good for someone learning to play keys.  They're $27 on with just a "carrying bag".  Mine has a more sturdy blue case, and a shoulder strap.  $19 from me.

     Gibraltar drum throne in new condition, great cushion, barely ever sat upon, cost $230 at Long & McQuade.  Collapses for transport - great for busking or gigging.  Offer me half price for a cash sale, and it is yours.
  Don't even think about the tax you're also saving. 

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