From November to March of 2013/2014 we went to Vietnam, with a side trip to Cambodia.  We kept a travel blog, as we do for each trip.   The most recent posts are at the top, and the beginning of our winter travel at the bottom.  In each entry there are links to our Picassa slideshows and sometimes other explanatory links.  If you want to know more about aspects of our experience, feel welcome to email me. (And definitely, email me if you find broken links or errors I should fix.)

We spent the first two weeks in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, with a side trip of eight days through the Mekong Delta into Cambodia where we visited Phnom Penh and then Siem Reap, to see the famed temples of Angkor Wat.  Then we spent six weeks travelling the length of Vietnam from south to north, and after experiencing Hanoi and Halong Bay, we decided to spend our remaining seven weeks in the loveliest spot we'd seen, Nha Trang (although Da Lat was a close second choice).  We filled most of our time there teaching English for free to a fun group of eager students, and enjoying the little seaside city, the food, and the people.

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