Travel diaries and photo archives
These are a digital diary of the passing years, begun 27 years ago when the internet was still in diapers. 
When we are old and infirm (and perhaps back in diapers ourselves), they will remind us that we have had a good life.
Note: early in 2021 I discovered that my online diary, constructed over a period of almost thirty years, was suffering from a serious case of "link rot".  We had links to exterior pages that had gone "401", and many of our photo links were broken as a result of Google taking over Picasa and killing the slideshow and other photo functionalities.  The original link addresses, and the captions across the bottom of each photo, had disappeared.  The photos now reside in google photo albums, where the captions can be seen at the side if you open the photos in a partially minimized format, but not when you display them full screen.  By July 15th I have made it up to our first week in Chile.  The process continues.

2018→2020: Sol's illness and passing; Covid19 Pandemic; birds in a gilded cage: gardening; Community Centre bands; the Great Isolation
Costa Rica and Nicaragua, winter of 2018
April to December of 2017: Washington with Moe and Jennifer; a flooded yacht club; Alana and Jonas wedding in Whitehorse
Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, winter of 2017
At home in Toronto, summer and fall 2016
Czech This Out! Spring 2016 trip to Prague, Krakow and Wroclaw in Poland, and Dresden in East Germany; Silken's wedding in  Pirna
Two Toronto Winters: April 2014 to May 2016
Good Mornin' Vietnam! - the winter of 2013-2014 in Vietnam, Cambodia, and especially Nha Trang
April to November diary entries for 2013 - first summer as Helpx hosts; the Tall Ships return; Buffalo, and Windsor
Inca Treasury of Memories - our trip to Ecuador and Peru in the winter of 2012/2013
April to December 2012 diary entries - Lis' wedding, getting used to Dad being gone, music, volunteerism, hosting couchsurfers
Kiwi Dreams - our winter trip to New Zealand, Fiji and the southern U.S. states
May to December 2011 diary entries - new brother, new nieces, new cousins
Australia trip, Feb and March 2011 - Sydney, Byron Bay, Adelaide, Melbourne
May to December 2010 diary entries - kittens, Habitat for Humanity, Toronto, Western Canada and Cuba
Winter '09-'10, in Florida - first three months of retirement! - Florida Keys and west coast
Summer 2009 - local delights and attractions
Summer 2008 - dragonracing; the Nahanni; Salt Spring Island; sailing
Thanksgiving, 2006 - Ontario; Edmonton
New Year 2006 (2005 in review) - Florida Keys; Vancouver Island; Niagara Falls; moving into Marsh Road home
New Year 2005 (2004 in review) - North Channel; Florida Everglades
A few boat shots - 2004
Christmas 2003 - western Canada, Vancouver Island, Bolering around
New Year 2003 (2002 in review) - Dominican Republic; Florida manatees; ponies; turning 50
A few photos of Akumal at Christmas, 2001
Thanksgiving 2001 - Shuswap, Akumal, Scotland
Christmas 2000 - sailboats and Alberta
Summer 2000 letter - our trip to Singapore, Bali, Java, Malaysia and Thailand, and wreck diving in Ontario
Snorkelling photos from Grand Cayman, Christmas '99
A web-letter of our summer '99 vacation in the Maritimes
Cozumel above water, March '98
My first open-water scuba dives, after PADI certification, in Cozumel, March '98

Near-death by alligator, and Kennedy Space Centre - Florida, 1997

Summer '96 trip to southern Africa
"Videoshots" - still frames from our African video:
Botswana and the Okavango Delta
Victoria Falls
 Mosi-oa-Tunya park, and Huange

Hallowe'en, 1993
On the Athabasca glacier- summer, 1993
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