On the Zambian side of the bridge, we visited the game reserve that borders the Zambezi river above the falls. Our guide took us to see this family of rhinos.


This is Andy's mom, with her horn removed to make her less attractive to poachers.
This is Andy.  He's the baby, gotta love him.

After filming this herd of impala, we had a moment of high drama when a herd of buffalo began to stampede across the pavement in front of us.  The moment was all the more exciting because there were two annoyed elephants chasing us from behind, so we couldn't go forward or back; but the elephants wisely veered off to avoid the buffalo.

   Here's an experience of a lifetime: there is a family of wild giraffe on the north side of the Zambesi that are so placid that I was able to walk right up to this one.  He (she?) took refuge behind some leaves and peered down at me, but didn't take flight.  I got so close I couldn't get the whole giraffe in my viewfinder, even at full wide angle.

    Back in Zimbabwe, we stopped at a crocodile ranch  where we saw many pens full of wall-to-wall crocs.  They keep the same sized ones together, so they won't attack each other.

On the way south to Bulawayo, we stopped at Huange game reserve, where I got some of the most beautiful shots on my videotape.

This is an elephant who is not thrilled with the close proximity of tourists...

These elephants are at the watering hole that you saw in a panoramic shot on a previous page

This is one of my favourite shots, two zebras at sunset

This is about as close as you can get to a wild male ostrich

     These are all the shots I've had time to pull from the video.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Maybe I'll get to show you parts of the video itself some day, when internet technology advances to the point where it doesn't eat up so much storage space and bandwidth.

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