A few photos of Akumal at Christmas, 2001
    This was our second visit. We came here first in July.
This time, we took a sail & snorkelling cruise on a trimaran. 
There's the Mexican flag behind our heads.
This is Deborah doing Christmas green and red - the Akumal version. 
Here are Davin, Alana, Heather, Andrea and Ed at Chitchen Itza.  We tried to connect with them, but got messed up by the tour company.  We managed to see them for a couple of hours at Xel-ha. 

Alana is impersonating a racoon.  She had a serious tobogganing accident just a couple of days before leaving for this trip. 

Look at the people behind Ed, climbing the steps of the pyramid. 
It looks like a row of ants.

     Deborah is standing in front of a similar, but smaller structure in Tulum.
    This is me at Tulum, and below, another shot of the same ancient site.  I'm showing off the T-shirt that Silken and Isabel made for me for Christmas (they're 9 and 6, respectively.  Isabel is our God-child).  It says "I'd Rather Be Sailing" on the back.  You wouldn't believe how many people asked about this T-shirt, and wondered where they could get one for themselves! And one or two pointed out that the more I ate, the bigger my sailboat would be.
    At Tulum we had sun showers, and a marvelous rainbow.  We didn't have a panoramic camera, but I got the bright idea to put these two photos side by side.
If you look closely at the photo on the left, you'll see that this is actually a very lucky double rainbow.

     Below is the pier at the shore of our resort, with the reef beyond (where the whitecaps are).  There was great snorkeling here. 

I'm in a "spinnaker swing", about to be lifted up into the air by wind power alone.  There was some question about whether this would succeed, given my size, but it turned out to be a very exciting ride!
   These are some snorkeling shots that Heather took at Xel-ha.  The water is pretty murky and there's a halocline, but she was very excited by all these fish.

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