These are frames lifted from my video of our trip to Africa.  The quality isn't as good as you get from scanned prints or digital photographs, mind you.  They are all small on purpose, to save on bandwidth; they are not thumbnail links to larger photos.  What you see is what you get.

Outside of Gaborone, in Botswana, we visited a training facility for rangers, where we met this lazy fat lion named Aida, and I got to help carry the python you see to the right.
This leopard is quite beautiful, but deadly.  They don't tame like lions do.

When we got to Gunn's camp on the Okavango Delta, we saw many wonderful game animals.  One of the highlights was watching a fish eagle capture dinner:

  Another beautiful bird we saw in the delta was this grey heron. 

The heron has to keep a sharp eye out for this crocodile hiding in the marsh grass.

The Okavango Delta is one of the best places in the world to see hippos in the wild. 

We were treated to the relatively rare sight of seeing hippos out of the water in the daylight, including this amazing (if somewhat distant) experience of watching a hippo porpoising in the river 
- what made it choose to do this, I have no idea...maybe just playing.  All animals play, even hippos.

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