Scuba Snapshot Album

Most of these images are captured from a video of a dive I made with some friends in Cozumel in March of '98, the morning after my final open water certification dive.

Here's the gang heading out on the boat
We donned our gear and heaved ourselves to the sides of the rocking boat where we balanced precariously until the divemaster gave us the okay to fall backward into the 78 degree water.

We floated there until everyone was ready, then descended.

When we reached the bottom we gave the okay sign,  and headed off on a tour of the reef.
This is my instructor Mike Thomas and fellow diver Star (I think) leading the way.
We were welcomed by a pair of lobster. 

We weren't sure if they were waving hello, doing the macarena, or wanted to conduct the divers in a "coral rendition". (Several of my divemates were choristers, three of them with the Elmer Eisler Singers).
There were fish aplenty (I think these are grunts) 

It seems we teachers can't get far from a school,  no matter how far we travel.
There were lots of charming crustaceans, including this hermit crab  - those tubes are his eyestalks

- and an arrowhead crab  who looked like a daddy-long-legs that had taken wrong turn and ended up in the drink.
There were lots of fishy individuals.  My favourite is the boxfish,  which looks like swimming tetrapak.  He reminded me of a bathtub toy.

I don't remember what all the fish are called; this one might be a four-eyed butterfly fish (the "eye" that you see is at the back end),
and this one is some kind of butterfly or damsel fish, I don't recall which.
The parrotfish seems to fly along through the water using his side-mounted fins like flapping wings.

The ocean triggerfish, in contrast,  has his fins attached top and bottom.

This is a squirrelfish, although I don't see a resemblance to the visitors on my lawn.
I spotted a flounder, and Cesar the videographer found us a stingray:

Here he is in full flight from the camera:

We had a few larger curious visitors,

including this grouper 
                                                    and this sea turtle 
Queen angelfish  are awfully pretty,
but this French angelfish was gorgeous in her lacy black lingerie...
here she is chasing the divers out of her boudoir.
The last shot is one of me driving my instructor crazy by going vertical in the water.  Sometimes I did that to clear my leaky mask, but this time it was just to wave goodbye... 


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