By the end of 2022 the airlines were still in a terrible mess of cancelled flights, stranded passengers, ruined vacations and lost luggage.  We had five vaccinations for covid by the end of 2022 and had experienced a fairly mild case of it ourselves in July 2022 (in addition to one in January of 2021, I believe, that happened before they were diagnosing the virus).  We got flu vaccine both years as well, and although covid has been increasing in China subsequent to their lifting of lockdowns and restrictions, we haven't seen a spread of new and dangerous variants yet.

2023 January 1st. 

     Note: This is my digital diary.  With props to my journalist niece for framing the concept, this is me being my own journalist.  Too many people live largely uncelebrated and die largely unremembered; everyone else is too consumed with their own lives to make a big deal of yours, so if you want to celebrate and you want to be remembered by current friends and maybe also by distant descendants, you have to record your own life.  I have ancestors about which we are very curious but who left very little behind to help us know them.  I have a few friends who blog about their lives and travel, and that helps to keep them in my thoughts and up to date on their lives, so I know that it is a positive and useful pursuit.