Our Cayman trip
In spite of our intentions as described in our Christmas letter, Deborah and I found an airfare bargain on a last minute flight and went to Grand Cayman for a week from Christmas day to New Year's day.
There isn't much to see above the water in Grand Cayman, and I didn't have a camera suitable for the depths when I was scuba diving, but we took some shots while snorkelling with the cheap little disposable underwater cameras that you can buy in drugstores.  I promised to put some of these shots on line, so here they are.
There were lots of pretty fish, and corals, and

a few weird looking fish that I hadn't seen before.
By free-diving deep (about 30 feet - I had to doctor these photos to bring out the light), I got down close to turtles and barracudas
The most fun we had was at Stingray City.  Deborah dove there, and we went there together on a snorkelling trip on our second last day.  We both got to pet stingrays - lovely creatures that someone referred to as "slippery puppies".
They came running...er, flying...er, swimming, when we got into the water - they've learned that snorkellers will feed them.
Deborah fed squid to them.  She teased one with a piece of squid in her hand, but as it tried to follow her hand she turned her forearm toward it, and it fastened onto her arm and sucked a lovely hickie.
She was quite proud of her hickie, and sad when the bruise disappeared.
We also saw green moray eels, which the videographer fed while I snapped pictures; and I got to pet nurse sharks and hold onto them while they pulled me along for a ride in the water.  The eel would get enticed out for a bite to eat, and as soon as he got it, he'd high-tail it back to his hole under the rock. The sharks were like pesky dogs, once they knew the eel was going to be fed they wouldn't leave the action.  I even have one shot (below) with the eel, a shark and a stingray all in the viewfinder at once.

Smile for the camera, you two!

Wasn't that neat?

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